L'origine dell'uliveto e della nostra storia



Founded in 1931, the Santilli Farm produces high quality Extra Vergin Olive Oil
The Santilli Farm, a family-run company with a strong traditional heritage, today it appears as a modern, efficient, multifunctional and environmentally sustainable farm.
Located in the heart of the Calabria region, the Santilli family property covers an area of fifty hectares planted with citrus and olive trees.
The property is located in a valley near the Pollino National Park, an area well known to be suited for the agricultural and agro-industrial activities.


The Santilli Farm was founded in 1931.

Following nearly half century of citrus production, the olive trees cultivation was subsequently introduced.  In 2005, the new generation of the Santilli family, Elena, enters the firm. Professionally trained in agronomy (Degree in Agricultural Science and Technology and PhD in Microbial Biotechnology Agricultural), Elena applies its expertise in the ongoing search for oil with exceptional organoleptic characteristics.

The skills acquired in many years of experience, led Elena to apply the organic production disciplinary throughout the company, initiating a new and significant investment in the improvement of olive oil production quality respecting the environment.

To ensure the quality of products, the Company control plan sets out a complete traceability of the entire chain olive-oil production: from cultivation techniques to the quality of the olives, the methods of collection to conservation techniques, from the extraction to the bottling.


The farm applies a rigorous selection process by growing only plants in good physiological state and producing healthy olives.

These are hand picked with the help of mechanical facilitators between late October and early November and are kept in ventilated containers to be pressed within 24 hours of collection.

Cold pressing allows the oil to maintain a large number of polyphenols in relation to molita cultivar in order to obtain an extra virgin olive oil of high quality with good organoleptic characteristics.

Currently, the Santilli Farm has 3.500 olive trees, mainly representd by Carolea cultivar, combined with other cultivars, native and national.